Ancestors 4 – 5

His parentsMarried 1/01/1948Her parents
Grandfather Warren Leonard Fagerland
(2/19/1923 – 12/20/2019)

ND –> SD
Grandmother Loretta Abbie Meyer
(3/17/1925 – 12/17/2007)
Ancestor 4 (100)Their ancestral childAncestor 5 (101)
Grandma and Grandpa with me (R) and my newborn brother, 1973

Grandma and Grandpa Fagerland have living children. I will not write a complete profile for them here, both to respect their children’s privacy and because, if you are interested in learning more, you can ask those of us who still carry them in our living memory! Contact me at

Warren’s FindaGrave profile

Loretta’s FindAGrave profile

Christmas, 2003
Me with Grandpa Warren Fagerland at Christmastime, 2017. His apartment in Rapid City, SD.
Loretta was my first ancestor to earn a college degree. Here she is on graduation day, 1968, age 43 … she beat Dad by two years!

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